Think along.
Think ahead.
Explore new horizons
The IT world is changing at breakneck speed. There are new innovations and corresponding developments almost every second. In order to act successfully in the IT environment and to be able to make a difference, we apply ourselves with passion and expertise. Accordingly, our motto is: think along, think ahead, create.

There are people working with us, not human resources! With this in mind, we promote a culture in which curiosity and innovation are rewarded. Become part of the team!
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Growing Together. Become part of the Team!
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Remote or on-site
Flexible working hours and the possibility to work fully remote are a matter of course for us.
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We care for you
Both the company pension plan and supplementary health insurance give you long-term security.
IT Jobs Berlin, IT Jobs Hannover, IT Jobs Nürnberg, IT Jobs Stralsund
Work Life Balance
We are colleagues, not family! The voiio platform helps you to combine work and life.
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We'll sponsor either your BVG job ticket or a membership with Urban Sports that's full of value.
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Talk to one another
Within so-called "crews", we promote cross-organizational exchange and cross-functional work.
IT Jobs Berlin, Entwickler Jobs Berlin, Berater Jobs Berlin
Life-long learning
Constant training is particularly important for us: a meticulous error and feedback culture helps immensely.
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Participation instead of attendance: Use the freedom and scope to see your own impact.
IT Jobs Berlin, Hannover, Nürnberg, Stralsund
Individual development and long-term prospects are not mutually exclusive. We promote both with great passion.
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In fact, Assecor has developed very strongly as a company. We are very eager to grow - there are many opportunities which can be seized. Being a part of that and making sure that Assecor can grow is what stimulates me the most at the moment.

Rolf Kunisch, Lead Architect

I can be creative but I can also develop in other areas. And I get a lot of support for that. That's what I appreciate about Assecor.

Julia, Marketing/Corporate Services
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