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We're here until digital work creates freedom for tomorrow.
It's true that the IT world is changing rapidly, with new innovations appearing almost every second. The digitization of our societies is one of the topics of our time. In order to act successfully in this field and make a difference, we use our passion, our time and our expertise.That's why our motto is: think along, think ahead, create. We employ people who can rethink complex interrelationships between business and IT. We foster a culture that rewards knowledge and curiosity. Become part of the team!
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In fact, Assecor has developed very strongly as a company. We are very eager to grow - there are many opportunities which can be seized. Being a part of that and making sure that Assecor can grow is what stimulates me the most at the moment.
Rolf, Lead Architect
I can be creative but I can also develop in other areas. And I get a lot of support for that. That's what I appreciate about Assecor.
Julia, Marketing/Corporate Services
There’s also something that I really appreciate at Assecor, which is also what Robert, the CEO, once said to me: Here, everyone works on their strengths and not on their weaknesses.
Adine, Managing Consultant New Work & Microsoft 365