Microsoft Office 365:
Projectmarketing “O365 Pick-me-up” for Stromnetz Berlin

Preparing around 1,400 employees for a new Office solution is challenging. Stromnetz used the O365 pick-me-up training program with workshops and internal lecture series toprepare change management for a modern ditial workplace


For successful digitization, it is important to provide employees with relevant knowledge, practical information, skills transfer and know-how. The challenge is to prepare employees for the roll-out of Office 365 in the most targeted way possible. In the vision of the digital workplace, people can communicate with each other regardless of location and with sophisticated identity and role management. In reality, however, people bring very different prerequisites with them when they use technical means. For this purpose, Assecor employees were to give short presentations on individual topics related to the services from the Microsoft Office 365 environment upon request and in consultation with the customer. In addition to knowledge transfer, the goal was to prepare employees for the roll-out of O365. This included breaking down resistance to using the new digital workplace, securing the support of employees, creating understanding for the project goals, and being able to identify with the project. This was to be done within the in-house regular lecture series "DigiHours" on digital topics.
"Assecor has always been a helpful partner: How to proceed? It was important to be able to have an open and sometimes controversial dialogue with consultants from Assecor."
Peter Fürstenberg
Stromnetz Berlin Gmbh


Together with Assecor, SNB designed a roadmap for project marketing. Trainings and lectures were to pave the ground for the extensive roll-out of Microsoft Office 365. The goal was to bring inexperienced employees as well as those technically affine to the project in 30-minute short presentations with workshop character on possibilities of Office 365: The O365 Pick-Me-Up. Assecor presented central aspects of the new digital workplace with O365 as part of the DigiHours, in accordance with a jointly developed editorial plan. The goal was to demonstrate the possibilities of Office 365, and thus get employees excited about the new software environment.

For this purpose, Assecor held short presentations on various Microsoft products such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive 4 Business, OneNote or Skype 4 Business. In addition to the training, Assecor created "one-pagers," an orientation guide for users that can only be one page long. The training material was uploaded to SharePoint Online in a digital training portal designed and implemented by Assecor together with SNB and also made available centrally for upcoming training sessions. In the training portal you will not only find the one-pager, but also further presentation material from the DigiHours, an event calendar and news.


  • Increased acceptance of the new software environment among employees through initial familiarization
  • Removal of hurdles in a targeted manner
  • Understanding of the project goals by demonstrating the possibilities of O365
  • Media competence and demonstration of the possibilities of the digital workplace through a panoramic view of O365
  • OnePager and Quick Tips for presented applications

The Project at a glance

Industry: Energy provider
Employees: 1,400
Project Duration: 13 months
Photo by fauxels on pexels
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