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Data qualification and migration for Messe Berlin

Messe Berlin has proven thatyou can use your digital document library efficiently. Around 15,000 construction documents were transferred to a document management system and supplemented with a smart research system.


As part of the digitization of its final construction documents - such as floor plans of exhibition halls, building permits, up-to-date information on safety-related conditions of the rooms and, among other things, detailed breakdowns of the equipment of its employees - Messe Berlin wanted to make them available through a document management system (DMS). Some of the data was already stored in the in-house DMS in accordance with the current documentation guidelines.

Outside this DMS, however, thousands of additional digital data existed, each in different nomenclatures. Therefore, they could not be processed by the DMS and ultimately could not be searched. Assecor supported Messe Berlin in providing construction documents and the files for the CityCube, an exhibition hall in the western part of Berlin.


Assecor qualified 7,265 CityCube files and 8,136 construction documents with regard to their relevance and integrated them into Messe Berlin's DMS with the correct nomenclature. For this purpose, regular meetings were held to clarify ambiguities and refine the nomenclature in order to correctly locate the documents.

Advantages of the Assecor solution


Searching and finding is easier than ever before. Versioning and determining correct location based on a pre-defined nomenclature (documentation guideline) help to easily find files again.


Reduced error-proneness increases productivity and eliminates frustration. And guided renaming, whether by internal or external staff input, ensures data quality even after the project is over.

Experts for Microsoft products

The world of Microsoft is large. Based on the requirements, Assecor, as a certified Microsoft expert and Gold Partner, worked with the customer to determine which environment made the most sense for the business processes.


ntegration into the DMS is achieved by renaming the files. The encoded name is then read out by the DMS. For this purpose, Assecor used MetaMan, a tool developed in-house for the rapid processing of metadata.

Assecor determined the average processing time for a file to be 5 minutes, including all activities such as data qualification and migration as well as quality assurance, coordination and project management. However, there were large differences according to document type and size. About one third of the files required more processing time to break them down in detail. In about 6 months, a total of approximately 15,000 could be qualified and transferred to the DMS.

The Project at a glance

Industry: Trade fair industry
Employees: 1003
Project Duration: 2 + 8 months
Turnover: € 286 million (2019)
Copyrights Messe Berlin
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