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To be successful as a company, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH (SNB) must operate efficiently. As the operator of the Berlin electricity grid, it is bound by the regulations and prices set by Germany’s Federal Network Agency. As a network operator, one central challenge is to balance the need for an economical operation with a high quality of supply.

The company has secured its economic success with a new IT interface solution. With the help of Assecor, the SNB has developed a tailor-made IT concept that ultimately contributes to the development of new technologies, processes and products for the energy transition and the connection of electricity with mobility in the Smart City.

The challenge

The efficiency requirements and revenue limits of the Federal Network Agency, which have been prescribed by law since 2006, provide a clear economic framework for Stromnetz Berlin GmbH. If the company wants to be entrepreneurially successful, it must constantly optimize processes within the company and with external suppliers with optimal planning design and implementation.

However, Stromnetz was hindered by a fragmented and heterogeneous application environment consisting of individual software applications. This led to additional work and errors in the extensive project maintenance process. One tool commonly used in plant construction enables project processing with third-party suppliers, but other Stromnetz processes used applications from Microsoft. In other words: Planned projects had to be synchronized manually.

Coordination with the external companies involved was also error-prone and time-consuming, since changes made by stakeholders had to be transferred manually into the most current plan versions. In addition, a third application regulated day-to-day management. Duplicate maintenance and time-consuming scheduling tasks reduced productivity and led to reductions in quality.

The solution

Assecor supplemented the existing application environment with a sophisticated and highly automated synchronization interface, SAPCON, which ensures correct data exchange with SAP PM and integrates seamlessly into MS Project and MS Excel, which were already in use. Technical losses in project management were completely eliminated. By including add-ins for the Microsoft environment as well as a master database, a smooth workflow between all programs was established. SAPCON also contributes to the optimization of personnel deployment planning in connection with Stromnetz Berlin GmbH construction projects.

Additionally, in order to optimize the workflow, Assecor developed a concept for collaboration functions in Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel. This allows employees of the Berlin electricity network to present planning proposals involving specialist areas and external companies, in a straightforward and transparent manner. Short and long-term planning loops are eliminated, employees become more productive, and the solution contributes to improved overall quality of the company’s extensive projects.

The Benefits

SAPCON, designed and implemented by Assecor, automates and supports selected subtasks for a functional link between organizational and commercial project planning. Regular and close coordination, done directly with future users, led to optimal results in several test phases. SAPCON is already being used productively for the planning of construction projects, and the range of functions of the solution is constantly being expanded.

The solution developed by Assecor was accompanied by project marketing to raise awareness among employees. Assecor was able to clearly communicate within work facilities in order to familiarize employees with the solution. For this purpose, convenience functions were retrofitted in the course of the project to make an effortless transition to the new optimized workflow.

Benefits for the customer

  • Automation of the links between organizational and commercial process management
  • Optimization of project management, including scheduling, through smooth and transparent procedures
  • Support for the optimization of personnel deployment planning
  • Improvement of employee productivity
  • Reduction of error rate and time delays, in coordination with third parties and specialist areas

Advantages of the Assecor solution

  • Methodical consulting and conceptual design
  • Guided cultural change through dynamic project marketing
  • Embedding in already known and used tools to facilitate the transition to the new solution
  • Reuse of existing infrastructure and software to reduce project costs
  • Complex, automated processes happening completely in the background
  • First-level support including maintenance, troubleshooting and development