Marketing cockpit for a transport company

Optimized marketing processes for increased productivity
Transport and Logistics
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The Challenge

The transportation company's large-scale marketing campaigns had so far been conducted in a heterogeneous application environment. Employees had to perform individual tasks in various applications. This led to a high communication effort and error-prone duplication of effort. In addition, controlling and reporting were time-consuming from a commercial point of view and the planning and approval processes for the Group's previous and interim campaigns were organizationally tedious. Transport company A wanted a modern, IT-supported workplace. This was intended to simplify internal group processes and optimize cooperation and organization.

The solution

A comprehensive management tool that enables individual project planning and marketing budgeting while mapping the company's corporate structures. Another central component of the solution was a well thought-out role and identity management for all internal and external employees of the Group, which is accompanied by a differentiated authorization system. The complete solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SharePoint. The previous software environment has been completely replaced by the Marketing Cockpit. The cockpit centralizes tasks and internal group release and budgeting processes in one software solution. Assecor was responsible for the prototype of the first marketing budgeting tool in the long-term project. During the development and implementation phase Assecor supported the expectation and requirements management in the consulting. In addition, Assecor was responsible for part of the implementation of the marketing cockpit.

An economically sustainable solution

To improve the economic sustainability of the solution, Assecor developed and implemented a dynamic training concept for the transport company in addition to consulting and implementation. The various training courses were prepared for users with different requirements and previous knowledge. Assecor therefore conceived and carried out training clusters for various applications including follow-up training throughout Germany. The clusters correspond to the different learning profiles of the groups involved and can at the same time meet the logistical requirements in the company.

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Advantages for transport company A at a glance

  • Implementation in the form of an agile development project
  • By recording and documenting the request and expectations, customer requests could be better passed on to the developer
  • Focus on strategic, sustainable planning and evaluation of new functions to avoid erroneous paths in development
  • Quality assurance and improvement through sophisticated quality management

Assecor services at a glance

  • A mature training concept that makes the solution economically sustainable
  • Quality Management (Test Management)
  • Expectation and requirements management
  • Knowledge Management: Structure of a 360-degree multimedia overview page
  • Solution consulting using Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint
  • First-level support

Benefits of the entire marketing cockpit

In cooperation with the customer and other companies, a solution was developed that combines essential marketing cockpit tasks such as marketing planning, budget control, evaluations and action control. The user interface (dashboard) can be customized just like your own desk. It is also possible to map projects in the form of a structure tree so that the Marketing Cockpit can be adapted to the needs and requirements, whether in a team or for each individual user. Automated background processes simplify project sections and thus reduce waiting time and effort. In addition, processing times and error rates are reduced by presenting approval processes more clearly and comprehensibly for each project. If clarification or action is required for a project step, the system informs the user as required with reminder and notification functions.

But not only approval processes are important for the Group's marketing tool, budget allocations should also be clearly structured.  The marketing cockpit therefore enables a high degree of transparency in the joint financing of campaigns. The financing of campaigns by several parties and their budget commitments can be tracked smoothly and comprehensibly.

All in all, this means that costs are reduced, processes are accelerated and quality is improved. In addition to optimized internal cooperation, external partners and service providers can access the system with their own profile. This shortens reaction and processing times and simplifies budgeting and approval processes. With a mature training concept and first-level support, Assecor ensures sustainability and longevity of the solution.