Stromnetz Berlin GmbH: Communication and training concept for the roll-out

Transferring Knowledge and creating competence in media for the new digital workplace
Energy provider
Project Duration
4 months
Assecor Services
  • Digital Workplace
  • Academy

A communication and training concept was developed to complement a tailor-made office solution for Stromnetz Berlin GmbH (SNB). In order to support the 1400 employees of the SNB in switching from Office 2010 to Office 365, a modular training concept was offered, which would serve as a starting aid for future work with the new tools. Assecor provided consulting on the communication and training concept, took on the implementation of the training itself and supported communication during the roll-out.

The SNB's "Digital workplace" project consisted of a total of three sub-projects:

  1. The roll-out of Office 365
  2. Project Marketing: "O365 Pick-me-up"
  3. Communication and training concept for the roll-out

Communication and training concept for the roll-out


With a roll-out of Office 365 with 1400 users, it is important to prepare users for the new software environment in their respective profiles and knowledge levels when creating the means of communication and imparting basic knowledge. To bring heterogeneous groups of employees up to date in the topic of "Office 365" through various channels, in training clusters and in various training trainers and to make them fit for their level requires a targeted and prepared communication and training concept. In addition, there are different levels of prior technical knowledge of the users, who need an adapted introduction. The challenge was therefore to bring the SNB staff up to date as precisely as possible and at the same time involve a large number of users. How can the various employee requirements be brought together in a consistent and well thought-out training concept?


Together with Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, our team developed a concept that helped the SNB staff through the migration with concise and relevant information and made it easier for them to take their first steps in the new software environment. Assecor consulted on the training and communication concept before, during and after the roll-out. Assecor also conducted the training itself and supported roll-out communication.

The employees of the SNB were kept up to date on the roll-out by mailings with relevant information. At the same time, Assecor worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the customer to design the information transfer on key roll-out data in such a way that, prior to the migration, it was possible to achieve an awareness of the upcoming changes at the workplace and the project objectives.

Essential information on the first steps in the digital workplace in several training clusters made it easier for employees to get started with O365. The training courses were divided into different, time-staggered clusters, each with one employee group. Accordingly, the migration also took place at different times over a period of several months. Training trainers provided by Assecor especially for this purpose led the individual training clusters with a total of 1400 users. This ensured an optimal transfer of knowledge.


  • Knowledge transfer tailored to the employee profile
  • Creating understanding and acceptance for the project goals and the procedure in the project
  • Securing the support of important environmental groups