Facts and Figures

400 users

Including DB employees in various management levels and 1500 external service providers

1000 projects

In the current year and a further 700 measures in the previous year's planning

80 Employees

Because we know that the success of Assecor is based on their employees: an interdisciplinary team of almost 80 people. Through a playful approach, we ensure that the climate at Assecor remains positive.

Berlin and Riga

Assecor's headquarters are in Berlin and is by that part of a lively digital scene. From here, Assecor operates internationally. Expanding the European network and into new markets in Eastern Europe, Assecor opened up a further location in Riga, Latvia.

6 Industries

Energy supply, trade fair, public sector, information technology, universities and research facilities, mobility and public transport, automotive, production sector, food chemistry, biotech

32 percent

cost advantage with the help of the AMS alone in this project

Business Applications

Business applications support business processes within the company to produce optimal processes with no incompatibilities.

Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is a compedium of softwares, methods, training and knowledge that enables people to work and communicate directly with more flexibility.

Data Management

Assecor helps you improve data management processes in the company. Recurring processes can be automated, and modern and sophisticated document management tools makes researches faster and easier.

Interesting tasks

We create tailor-made solutions that make every project a unique experience. Our clients represent industries that serve the public interest, and we take pride in helping them fulfill their purpose. As a knowledgable partner through the entire IT life cycle, we support companies in the digitization process. Our consulting approach is based on active listening, comprehensive expertise, and efficient implementation. Come and join our team!

Growify approach

"Earn points in the game of life through learning new skills." That is the motto of Growify. We believe that progressive training is an important building block for the long-term existence of a company. It ensures that employees can constantly update and expand their knowledge and experience. Create an individual career plan with Assecor. Life's a game. So level up!

Cooperating as equals

We have flat hierarchies and emphasize equal cooperation. For mutual respect to exist in business, parties have to meet as equals. For this reason, we cultivate peer-to-peer cooperation between employees and customers.