Services & Products

Business Applications

Business applications serve to support the business processes within the company. Included are processes in production, administration, marketing, and wherever processes between business applicationsare become relevant. In order to produce optimal process chains free of media breaks, processes must be imaged and modulated and interfaces must be created. These steps are necessary to allow best practice integration of the digital tools into the workplace.

We accompany companies along the entire IT life cycle. Assecor has specialized in one of the most widely used software environments: the Microsoft product range. To round off IT solutions, Assecor develops additional or individual applications in-house. With these applications, we can fill gaps, but also develop new IT solutions.


As an IT consultancy, we are a competent partner for all Microsoft products and other applications.

Our in-house products        AMS, SAPCON und MetaMan

Digital Workplace

The digital workplace makes working more flexible. What does that mean? It means to be able to communicate with different people directly or remotely. Whether it's in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid of both, employees can access their business applications regardless of their location, supported by a role and identity management. In teams, in processes and with different roles it is possible to work in a networked manner. The digital workplace makes it possible.

Assecor pays particular attention to the safety concerns of the customer with specially trained personnel and implements customer wishes in a competent and prudent manner. Together with you we determine your individual requirements.

Assecor implements the Digital Workplace with Microsoft products and independent development of software and interfaces. For an optimal result in the company, we also rely on method-based project management, meaningful project marketing and a well-developed training program. From the thought-through concept to the support of the digital workplace, we accompany you through digitalization.

Data Management

Promote the productivity and informed actions of your employees. In times of Big Data, almost every company knows it has large amounts of available data. Digital documents are stored in an unorganized form, stored in the wrong file format, or even hidden. Some documents are sensitive and should be seen by some, but not by anyone. Or they are available in different versions because several people were working on the same document. Assecor helps you manage these processes in the company. Recurring processes can be automated and a modern and sophisticated document management makes the search easier for the user. We support you with your data management from concept to support.

Data management includes

  • Qualifying
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Analysis and evaluation

The tools of Assecor

  • MCCS (Management Cross Competence Services)
  • Power BI Coaching (Microsoft)
  • Meta Man (Assecor)
  • AMS (Assecor)
  • Assecor Academy

A digital solution can only be fully exploited if users can handle it. They must be able to understand the meaning and usefulness of the solution. Only then can an IT solution be sustainable.

Assecor focuses on the transfer of knowledge and knowledge sharing in the field of sustainability: in project marketing, the strengths of the product are highlighted. If a guided value and cultural change is to arise, Assecor conducts a training program as required, based on individual user profiles. For this purpose, Assecor creates reference and learning portals that enable learning with multimedial offers.

IT Infrastructure / Services

A digital work environment includes a reliable and functional infrastructure, as well as its architecture, development, construction, implementation and evaluation. The strategic planning of software and hardware is just as important as test management and quality assurance. We consult customers to find the right mix of cloud, on premise or a hybrid solution. At the same time, we always pay attention to the security of the respective solution and can give you comprehensive advice: in the role of the IT consultant and concept as well as an administrator, who can take on-site to third-level support.

Our qualification

  • Windows Server
  • Active Directory
  • Active Directory Services
  • Networks
  • Cloud-Strategies
  • Office365
  • SharePoint
  • Exchange
  • Skype for Business
  • Windows 10
Software Development

Assecor develops business applications itself. These include business applications, apps for all devices, browser-based applications and interfaces for all programs in the Microsoft product range and programs from other vendors. With this competence we can implement individual solutions for the needs of our customers or advise on their implementation.

An important part of software development is software testing and test management - or in other words: quality management. We test and evaluate both old and new IT structures and software. This is how we optimize digital processes and achieve the best results. We know from experience that quality prevails and that software testing is an essential step in the implementation of software. Together with you we create a roadmap for your software environments.