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Berlin, Germany
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With more than 170,000 m² of exhibition space, Messe Berlin GmbH is one of the world's leading trade fair companies. With the ASSECOR digital document management system (DMS) based on Microsoft SharePoint, the conversion to a simple and powerful solution was successfully achieved.

The challenge

For each event, event management staff provide their customers with individual advice on the spatial, technical and organizational possibilities of the exhibition space. This way, unique events can be created for which Messe Berlin receives orders from international customers. However, the necessary research was complex. The documents required for event planning were decentralized in a paper archive, were rarely digital and there was no uniform version control. Berlin Messe GmbH felt the existing document organization was no longer contemporary. Long search times of several days extended the processing and reaction times of the trade fair, which impaired the productivity and agility of the employees.

This challenging situation should be improved by a central and efficient document management. The goal was to adapt an easy-to-use application with a powerful search in such a way that all employees would profit from the new technological possibilities without any adaptation difficulties.

The solution

Assecor was commissioned as a digitization specialist to develop a prototype in order to create the foundations for layout, operation and information structure together with the trade fair. This approach enabled the trade fair to test and develop the new solution with a small risk. Important user feedback came directly into the design. Assecor's solution was confirmed in this phase.

Building on the successful pilot application, Assecor accompanied Messe Berlin GmbH in setting up the central DMS solution and digitizing the document archives. By means of a step-by-step approach, the entire terminal construction documentation was made centrally available to advisory staff. The trade fair DMS is based on Microsoft SharePoint and is particularly benefiting for its market-leading search functions. The DMS was supplemented by additional, individual functions according to the needs of Messe Berlin: The application "Assecor MetaMan" facilitates the input of metadata, also by foreign service providers, and makes the migration of digital documents into the DMS or SharePoint much more efficient. A further adaptation allows the automatic read-out of metadata from the file name so that the employees with the manual assignment of metadata no longer have to invest any additional effort if the files are already correctly named. Assecor has thus created a fully functional document management system.

The DMS was developed as a cloud solution in order to enable site-independent work for all employees, among other things. In addition, all employees can now work simultaneously on documents in the DMS. Besides the smooth implementation of the cloud solution, the security concept also assumed a high priority.

The Benefits

The employees of Berlin Messe GmbH benefit from a modern, IT-supported document management system that offers optimal support through a simple and intuitive application and improves productivity. The system triggers even associative search queries reliably and quickly by means of a configured search. In addition, the systematic organization of the archive allows employees to refine their search queries. As a result, Messe Berlin GmbH can react quickly to major projects and respond optimally to the changing needs of its customers. They are centralized and delivered in real time all necessary documents - around the clock and from anywhere. The close coordination and development between Assecor and Messe Berlin, as well as the training program during the conversion ensured a high acceptance among the users.


Messe Berlin Eingangshalle
The entrance hall of the congress hall of Messe Berlin.
Advantages for Messe Berlin GmbH

  • A central and up-to-date archive that is open 24 hours and is accessible by location
  • Systematic storage and organization of the documents
  • Intuitive and efficient search
  • Significant increase in the productivity of the employees by significantly shorter research paths
  • Messe Berlin employees are able to respond flexibly and individually to their customers


Advantages of ASSECOR performance

  • Consulting and prototyping of the complete solution designed by Assecor
  • Design of a functional storage system
  • Customize Microsoft SharePoint and develop the Meta-Man software
  • Development and implementation of a suitable digital security solution
  • Workshops and guided learning
  • First-level on-site support
  • Project and process management

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